Emissão de dia 6 de Março de 2008

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So, in this show, which was considerably better than our first one, we manage to talk incessantly about, well, everything. Maybe we should revise the meaning of "better"; it doesn't really translate as we thought. Anyway, after a somewhat clumsy start - which wasn't really "clumsy" as such, it's just our style - we spend a small amount of time discussing the Welsh and their place in the global template of comedy and the various ways in which you can be accidentally rude in portuguese. And then we deviated. A lot. I'll be surprised if no one arrests us after this.

We did poorly when we tried to talk about the Oscars and our favorite movies of the year, because every time we had a topic, we achieved the fantastic feat of not talking about it at all, "DAMN!". Still, we were able to bring you the sounds of Blob? Blop? Blogashga? I have no clue.

Actually, I have. He's called Blob and brought us Zie Device.

And Zé brought us the amazing skills of Ron Simmons: the man has an interjection as his only source of income. To end the show in a fantastic fashion, we participated in "Geek Love", the erotica masterpiece. Only on Radiologia!

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Thank you ever so much for listening.

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