Emissão de dia 28 de Fevereiro de 2008

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Earthlings and Aliens: Radiologia goes international these two weeks. Broadcast through NE1-FM, our crazyness may inflict severe brain damage so use at your own caution.

Throughout the show we sang, we impersonated people, we chatted about absolutely nothing and about absolutely everything.

British comedy trivia and bad Portuguese pop music were the main topics, so if you're really really brave (or really really bored) give us a try. Also, get some handy English lessons for free.

Hated us? Loved us? Want to sue us? Drop us a line at programa.radiologia@gmail.com or radio@radiozero.pt ... and next week, we'll try and do this again.

Missed us at AV Festival? Didn't had time to listen to us at Radio Zero? Feeling bored and looking to kill some time? Download your daily dose of Radiologia directly here.

Felling lucky for more? Want to follow our past and future crazyness? Use the feed.


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